With the Wii U on the market, Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii, is slowly becoming more and more obsolete. As a result, Nintendo will be shutting down many of the Wii’s online services this June.

Among the services affected are the Nintendo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and Mii Contest Channel. Data exchange capability in certain games will also be ended. However, the Wii Shop Channel will remain open, allowing Nintendo users to continue to download digitally distributed games and virtual console titles. “Today’s Accomplishment” will also be preserved.

For anyone who missed the Wii generation, Nintendo is still selling the Wii Mini, a tinier Wii without Gamecube or online support. The Wii wasn’t particularly known for its online capabilities and even with many of these services shut down, gameplay is barely effected. Still, there is probably someone out there who got all of their weather from the Forecast Channel and is really sad right now.