Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spoke to Japanese investors earlier this week about the perceived lack of power in the Wii U, and assured them the company was going to work to dispel that type of thinking.

With more and more companies releasing multi-platform games, but leaving the Wii U out of the picture, it has been a strange few months for Nintendo's new console. As we've moved into 2013, more and more games have been announced, with few adding in a Wii U SKU.

"[It] is a fact that some software development companies assume that Wii U is not powerful enough," Iwata said according to CVG. "On the contrary, some developers say in interviews that Wii U has a different architecture from other consoles and that, when utilized in the right way, it can perform well."

"At the moment, there is a great deal of contradictory information," Iwata continued. "Nintendo is required to make more efforts to dispel such a misconception. In fact, some software companies are actively supporting Wii U and others are not. It is important to have supportive companies enjoy successful sales of a game and feel that their decision to develop something for Wii U was correct."

The battle to change hearts and minds won't be an easy one however, but it's one Iwata believes Nintendo can win eventually. "We understand that this cannot possibly be achieved overnight and it may sound unconvincing under the current slow sales of Wii U," Iwata stated. "We would like to work to revitalize the Wii U market and show you favorable results for third-party software from this summer."

There are at least a few strong Wii U games arriving this year, with the better-late-than-never Deus Ex Director's Cut leading the pack of third-party games. With new consoles coming from Sony and Microsoft, the Wii U will certainly be overpowered come the end of the year.

What to you think about Iwata's claims? Is the Wii U underpowered, or can it survive amongst a crowd of more spec-heavy competitors?