Nintendo has registered an unannounced device that has left us speculating what it could possibly be.

Nintendo has just submitted a registration certificate for a "small video player" on Korea's website for the National Radio Research Agency, Polygon reports. The National Radio Research Agency of Korea is the country's main headquarters for radio wave-based research. According to the Radio Reach Agency's website, the organization is described as being in charge of "the development of next generation radio wave resources and facilitation of their efficient utilization ... all employees are putting forth their best effort with change and innovation."

Unfortunately, there haven't been any other details made about the device aside from a listing that describes its country of origin as Japan and lists a model number.

In related news that corroborates this story, Nintendo owns a subsidiary company within Korea, simply called "Nintendo of Korea," which has been a part of the Big N since 2006. While we we're not sure if this is some sort of Nintendo-exclusive video-broadcasting service in the works, we will be sure to cover any updates or progress on this device once more information becomes available.