We love the Power Glove. It's so bad, especially when a guy hooks it up to an LED light suit that looks ready for a rave club.

Gizmodo reports that YouTube user Greg Sowell has posted the above video which showcases his custom-made light suit controlled by a Nintendo Entertainment System Power Glove. The Power Glove was the progenitor to Nintendo's fixation on motion control gaming. Similar to the Wii, the Power Glove had sensors you would hook up to your NES and hang around the corners of your television screen (back when TVs were big and bulky). You would then punch in an input code from the Glove's manual for the game you were playing so the glove's motions would integrate with the game.

Sowell has made a video detailing the hard work he has put into his custom-made light suit. The led suit is controlled by the pressure-sensitive controls of the Power Glove. All Sowell is to do is make a fist with the glove in order to activate the suit's flashy display. Depending on which finger he squeezes, the suit displays a different lightning routine. The suit itself makes Sowell look like a happier version of Whiplash from 'Iron Man 2,' which makes it even more awesome.

Just make sure your drink doesn't have any space roofies in it.