This morning brought a brand new Nintendo Direct to the world straight from Japan, with plenty of Japanese speech and words that most viewers on this side of the world couldn't understand. We've seen the Shulk and New 3DS announcements already, but what else was shown during the 33-minute presentation? We've got you covered right here.

First was a new trailer for Bravely Second, the sequel to February's Bravely Default. There was no direct gameplay shown, instead giving us some beautiful scenes (like the one pictured above) and a speech from an unknown character that we have yet to translate. The environments look great, and if the first Bravely Default is any indication, we should expect some classic JRPG goodness from Bravely Second should it ever come to the States.

Next was Final Fantasy Explorers, a new FF game that centers around class-based third-person action gameplay, emulating games like Monster Hunter and Kingdom Hearts. it was revealed that Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII will be available as a "class" that players can fight monsters with, and that's pretty cool. Like Bravely Second, there was no word on if this game will make its way to the West.

Next was a new One Piece fighting game, Super Grand Battle X, pitting many familiar faces from the One Piece universe against each other in Smash-esque battles. A few particular characters were introduced, and an Assist system was shown by Luffy summoning another character to come to his aid. Fans of both Smash Bros and One Piece should keep an eye on this.

Finally, a trailer for the brand new Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 was unveiled, giving us our first look at the remade Etrian Odyssey 2 for 3DS. Watching that video gives us fond memories of the first romp through the game, and we hope it comes stateside soon.

That was all from this Nintendo Direct outside of Smash Bros and hardware, but without any Western launch information it's hard to get excited. Hopefully we'll have some more information soon.