Managed to fight through the masses of consumers on Wii-U launch day and snagged a 32G Black Deluxe Set? Good! Now find out how to turn the money you spend on digital downloads into credit for even more digital downloads!

Owning the Deluxe Set is half the battle, so congratulations if you're a proud owner. And being a proud owner means that every dollar you spend on eShop games nets you about 10% back in points.

Every 500 points gets you $5 credit to spend on more eShop goodies. What you have to do now is hop onto this site and sign in to access the Deluxe Digital Promotion site, where you'll receive an activation code to redeem in the eShop. Get it? Got it? Good.

Now go forth and build up a cache of points to use in the future! Also -- not to rush you -- but this promotion's only good until December 2014 and the codes must be retrieved by March 2015. Happy purchasing, Wii-Users!