Loyal Smash Bros. enthusiasts better start doing their research now, as they'll only have 24 hours to prepare for the first big Super Smash Bros. tournament.

Nintendo has announced a National Open tournament for the day after the game launches, Oct. 4. The tournament will take place at the Nintendo World store in New York City as well as fifteen GameStop stores throughout the country. The sixteen winners will then meet at Nintendo World the week after, Oct. 11, at 6PM Eastern to decide the first ever Smash Bros. 3DS open tournament champion.

The full list of participating GameStops can be found at this link, as well as the official tournament rules. We love the idea of an open tournament so soon after release, as it keeps the competitive field even at least for a little while. What we don't like is how spread out all of these tournament locations are. For example, someone living in Philadelphia who wanted to play would either have to travel two hours to New York to play at Nintendo World or the same length south to play in Baltimore. Oh, registration is first come first serve, so you'd better get in the car now.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS launches Oct. 3 in North America. There is still no release date in sight for the Wii U version.