The first free content update for NHL 15 is available now, and with it comes new features and modes that bring the game closer to the more robust NHL 14 feature set.

The headline for this content patch is Playoff Mode, allowing players to re-create last year's Stanley Cup Playoffs or create their own bracket with any team from over 12 professional leagues around the world. As the tournament advances all player stats and results can be tracked whether each game is played or simulated. Hockey Ultimate Team is also receiving a big makeover, with new layouts and better navigation making things way easier to maneuver. HUT will also improve the "edit lines" screen so players can quickly see who's injured and who's ready to play.

Other changes include a Coach's Feedback screen after every shift played in Be A Pro mode and the addition of "3 Stars" after every game played, adding a bit more realism to the game. These changes seem long overdue, but the fact that EA Canada is attempting to implement these things at all is honorable. Some would argue that these features should have shipped with the game, but we assume it was either "ship without some features and add them later" or "delay the game until November with a full feature set." It's a hard decision to make, but with each update NHL 15 gets bigger and that's a good compromise to us.

The next content update, which teases Online Team Play and GM Rookie Draft for Be A GM Mode, is due out sometime in October.