On Today's Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata-san announced a brand new Yoshi's Island game for the 3DS, making it the third game in the series. That means we get to hear Baby Mario's blood-curdling wailing one more time!

The game doesn't have a proper title yet, but it does have the series' tried-and-true mechanics of flutter jumping, ground pounding, and egg throwing. There are supposed to be a host of new features that will take advantage of the 3DS' hardware as well, but Iwata didn't divulge any of that happy information.

Instead, we were treated to brief glimpses of gameplay, which looked very familiar but with updated graphics. In fact, Baby Mario and Yoshi kind of look a bit like claymation in this new game, but that's something we can dig.

More details will be offered up in the future, but for now let's stock up on cotton balls to stuff into our ears to prepare for Baby Mario's 10-second cries of doom.