What's this? Some more single-player modes being teased for Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U? Oh, sir. Please, do go on!

Director Sakurai posted the image above to the Miiverse with a message that said, "Pic of the day. Now, what mode is this...?!"

Two options fall under the Games & More > Solo > ??? categories, featuring Master Hand and Crazy Hand, two of the bosses of Super Smash Bros. Pictured with both hand bosses are piles of gold, which could point to modes such as Classic Smash from the 3DS version that allowed you to rack up gold while taking down stage after stage of enemies, culminating in a fight with the two hands and their other forms.

No specifics have been given and the censored words could be anything, but it'd be pretty cool to play as either boss and take down level 9 CPU opponents in order to accrue more gold. We'll keep you updated as more information is revealed, but until then, we can only guess at what these modes could be.

Expect Super Smash Bros. Wii U to arrive on Nov. 21.