Sony has already announced that the PS4 will not be backwards compatible, so gamers everywhere are hoping that the new Xbox will get a leg up on the PlayStation by integrating backward compatibility. Unfortunately, it looks as if this won’t be the case.

A new report suggests that the new Xbox won’t be backward compatible at all. The system will feature a variant of AMD Jaguar technology, which is x86 PC style architecture which makes game development cheap and easy. Unfortunately, according to Eurogamer, it also completely kills any sort of backward compatibility with current generation games. Looks like you are going to have to keep your Xbox 360 and PS3 around for quite some time.

Sony has announced that it will be using its Gaikai streaming technology in lieu of straight backward compatibility to allow gamers to play previous gen PlayStation games. It is as of yet unknown whether or not Microsoft will do something similar.

The report also suggests that the new Xbox is simply called "Xbox." Wow ... how creative.