There's a fancy new New Nintendo 3DS coming out very soon, and Nintendo's detailed how you'll be able to transfer all your old data to the new machine. It's not at all overly complicated.

No one wants to lose all the status and progress when they switch consoles, or in this case, handhelds. Now, with Nintendo coming out with the New Nintendo 3DS in North America, it has posted a video to show how to transfer all your precious information from your old 3DS to your new 3DS. However, there are so many steps that you may just have to pause this video a few times to get it right.

The first, most important thing you'll need is a computer, since you will be reliant on that to finish the process. You will also need your current Nintendo 3DS and an SD card, your New Nintendo 3DS and a microSD card that will need to be of equal or greater capacity than your previously mentioned SD card, a #0 Philips screwdriver, an adapter for your SD and microSD cards, as well as internet access. You'll also want to make sure that you do not create a Nintendo Network ID on your new system before attempting any of these steps.

If you have all these items just lying around your house then you're set; if not, you're going to have to go out and buy them. One thing to note is that the New Nintendo 3DS comes pre-equipped with a 4GB microSD card so, as long as your old SD card doesn't surpass that you're golden. You can check out the step by step process for transferring your system in the video above and basically pray to some higher power that you get it on the first try.