The tag line for Madden NFL 25 is "Run Free," and that's just what all these big time stars appear to be doing in the latest screenshots from the upcoming title.

The new Infinity Engine 2 will bring a host of improvements to Madden NFL 25's running game according to EA Sports. The old running moves of stiff-arm, spin move, high hurdle, and more have been completely revamped. Now certain players will be more effective with their particular style of play. Marshawn Lynch will have a better trucking ability. Doug Martin will be better at cutting his way through defenders.

There will also be new and improved run blocking (we'll believe that when we see it), and players will be able to recover from stumbling rather than just collapsing to the ground. New hard cuts will also allow defenders and offensive players to react more naturally on the field, and should provide for much better control on both sides of the ball.

You can get a better look at some of the new Infinity Engine 2 capabilities in the screenshots below.