Microsoft is looking for a designer to help redefine the multiplayer FPS gameplay in the next Halo.

DualShockers reports that Microsoft's job listing for a Senior Multiplayer Designer has clued us in as to what sort of direction 343 Industries is trying to do for the next Halo title on Xbox One. While 343 Industries and Microsoft have been remarkably quiet in terms of the development and features being put into what is presumably going to be Halo 5, and we're glad to see that it is focusing on trying to revolutionize the series' multiplayer gameplay.

The job listing itself tells some vague expectations of the job, such as overseeing, implementing and executing the core features of the player vs. player experience in this upcoming Halo title. This includes designs on new multiplayer game modes, precise gameplay balancing, map design/feedback and collaborating with the different design teams that are all working on Halo. More importantly, the designer must be able to create, develop and deliver all new multiplayer game modes up to Halo's standard of innovation.

If there's a first-person shooter series out there that can revolutionize the multiplayer aspect of the genre, it's Halo. With how Respawn has approached competitive multiplayer in Titanfall, and how Bungie will be approaching multiplayer in Destiny, that 343 is attempting new things isn't all that surprising. It's all a matter of keeping up with Jonses. Whether these new modes will actually be interesting? That remains to be seen.

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