While Activision and Bungie haven't had much to say in regards to when Destiny will be made available, the developer is keeping the audience interested by slowly showing more of Destiny's world.

Destiny, the new shooter from Bungie, will be out ... eventually. While we wait for more news, and even a glimpse of the actual game in action, we'll just have to be content with more design work and concept art on what's waiting for us.

New images posted by SaveRoom Minibar (and spotted by OXM UK), this week feature more costume work, and a better look at some of the fantastic environments on Destiny's planet. Even if we don't get to see what these locales look like rendered in 3D, the lush horizons certainly showcase a world we can't wait to visit.

Check out the art below, and let us know what you think of Destiny's look and feel. Is Bungie's next game going to be worth the wait, or are you unimpressed?