Engineers have brought Netflix to the Nintendo Entertainment System, dethroning the 3DS as the worst possible way to watch the video streaming service.

Whether you're watching it on your TV, computer, tablet, phone or game console, Netflix has made sure you can watch its television series and movie library anywhere you want. Now, you can even watch Netflix on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Polygon reports that, although it may not be as pretty as watching it on your 40" HD TV screen, you can watch Netflix in its 8-bit glory on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Three Netflix engineers came together to make this idea a reality, and it works (sorta). Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe and Carenina Motion have worked tirelessly to get a semi-working version of Netflix onto the NES during the company's winter hack day. The coolest part about it is that they managed to get Netflix to play on a completely unmodified NES, meaning they didn't gut the system or upgrade it in anyway. Hell, we can't even get normal NES cartridges to work on ours anymore.

While the engineers seem to have, admittedly, dropped the ball on the naming of the mod (they have dubbed it DarNES) they definitely managed to get a handful of frames from the intro to House of Cards playing on the NES and that's certainly enough for me. Then again, if the NES is unmodified as they claim, it wouldn't be able to access the Internet. We can barely get a decent internet connection on the Wii U, let alone the NES.

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