It's time to see how NBA 2K15's MyPark, which is an online multiplayer competitive street mode. Take it to the streets and claim your home.

The new trailer above shows us some of the new affiliations to which players can pledge their loyalty. There's the Old Town Flyers, the Sunset Beach Ballers and the Rivet City Rough Riders. Each one offers different bonuses and allows players to play in an eight-court park. Playing for your affiliation will earn you MyPark Rep, which will unlock upgrades as it increases.

All three affiliations will clash during the MyPark Championship that will begin on Oct. 11, 2014 and last through the weekend before the NBA All-Star game. The winning affiliation will get a newly designed home park, so make sure you participate in the weekly rounds and earn points.

The Jordan Rec Center is available for use for anyone who doesn't want to play street ball and would rather have 5v5 games with five-minute quarters and NBA rules. The great part about the Rec Center is that all of your games here will count toward your MyPark Rep and the MyPark Championship.

Of course, you're only as good as your teammates. Luckily, you can form squads with anyone present at your park and then standby courtside, waiting for your turn to ball.

A few new additions are coming to the game. The new features are as follows:

  • With the new Attribute Upgrades feature, you will no longer see a park full of 99s that are impossible to guard. You’ll become a specialist depending on how you upgrade your MyPLAYER.
  • MyPARK games have been shortened to 15 points, which will shorten Got Next wait times.
  • With the new always-on game score overlay, you won’t have to change camera angles to find out the current score.
  • The teammate grade meter shows how well you’re playing at a glance without having to bring up the game menu.
  • The MyNBA2K15 mobile app makes it easy to send texts to your squad or anyone in your park. Just type in the app and the text pops up on their screen.
  • Matchups are now based on height with weighting for position rather than simple join order.
Watch the trailer above and start thinking about your affiliation of choice while you await the release of NBA 2K15 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.