That's not Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, that's the game that did twin-stick shooting on a 3D, rotating arena before it, Nano Assault Neo.

Joystiq announced that Nano Assault Neo has been confirmed by Shin'en Multimedia on Twitter to be heading over to PlayStation 4. Nano Assault Neo originally came out for Wii U in 2012, and will now be optimized for the PS4. This means that we should expect Neo to run at 60 fps at a crisp 1080p. The game will also feature PS4-specific improvements coming from the Wii U version. Hopefully an online co-op mode will accompany the Wii U's original localized two-player gameplay.

The PS4 port of Nano Assault Neo, called Nano Assault Neo X, will launch on the PSN sometime later this year. The original version is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.