One of the most iconic scenes in anime history has been translated into a first-person demo with TotoroVR on the Oculus Rift.

According to Kotaku, the one-man-gang of VR development, Nick "Red of Paw" Pittom has released a playable, Oculus Rift demo of yet another iconic scene from a Hayao Miyazaki anime, 'My Neighbor Totoro.' In this walkthrough of Pittom's TotoroVR, players get to play from the perspective of Satsuko and Mei as they interact with the spirits of the woods. Pittom has already recreated the boiler room scene from 'Spirited Away' and now has gone on to make yet another famous Miyazaki scene playable.

In particular, Pittom's decision to put the first-person perspective rather low to the ground reminds us of the young eyes of Satsuko and Mei. This viewpoint really stands out when you try to explore the forest around the bus stop. Just witnessing the massive Totoro in all of his magical and adorable glory in the Oculus Rift is amazing. Visit Pittom's blog here to see more.