NetherRealm Studios has just posted the English version of the Briggs family trailer for Mortal Kombat X (provided above)Despite how bloody awesome it is, we're still digging the Italian dubs.

Original Story:

Bravissima! An Italian gaming website has dropped a brand new Mortal Kombat X trailer onto YouTube (via Shoryuken), this one showcasing the Briggs family of fighters. We knew about Jax's daughter Jacqueline, but we hadn't seen her proud papa in his own trailer yet.

While we don't understand a word of what is being said (and truthfully watching these scenes in Italian adds a strange sense of comic relief to the video), we can fully comprehend the pain the two Briggs warriors are inflicting on the rest of the MKX roster, because punches speak louder than words. We see some of Jax's classic special moves, Jacqueline's explosive attacks, and a few more devastating X-Ray moves and Fatalities to boot. The only information we're missing is their Variations, but we're sure those answers will come soon enough.

We appreciate the parity between this father and daughter duo, each one sporting mechanically-enhanced arms that make them even stronger. Jax has his metal arms as always, but Jacqueline has some kind of firearm or explosive launcher right above her hands, turning her into an extra lethal fighter. Take note of that Fatality we see performed on Ermac; she didn't just do that with her bare hands. As for Jax, what the heck did he just do to Quan Chi's head, and how did he do it do easily?

Jax, Jacqueline and the other members of Mortal Kombat X will soon have their day to fight, as the game launches April 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The last-gen versions of the game launch sometime this summer. We'll have the English trailer posted here as soon as it become available.

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