NetherRealm Studios' time-travelling entry into the Mortal Kombat series is going to test your might. If you're a collector, it's going to test your wallet.

It's a flawless victory for Lin Kuei fans as NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have revealed the premium editions for Mortal Kombat X. Coarse is a renowned company that is known for the premium products (mainly statues and figurines) it created for the likes of Titanfall and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's collector's editions. For MKX, Coarse has something special in the works. We still remember the awesome bookends with Scorpion and Sub-Zero that were made for Mortal Kombat IX. This time around, NetherRealm and Warner Bros. will be giving us multiple premium versions of Mortal Kombat to satiate all of our bloodthirsty desires, which includes the Kollector's Edition, Premium Edition and Limited Edition. NetherRealm also released a new trailer for MKX, formally announcing Ermac's return.

Mortal Kombat X's Premium Edition gives you the game along with the Kombat Pack, which is basically its season pass, for $89.99. The Kombat Pack gives you access to four upcoming DLC characters that NetherRealm claims will range from Klassic Kombatants to iconic guest characters (Jason Voorhees perhaps?). $30 for the Kombat Pack is a bit steep, considering most season passes are a bit cheaper than that -- we just hope that doesn't mean that each character costs $9.99 on their own.

The Limited Edition of Mortal Kombat X is a GameStop exclusive... of course. For $94.99, you get MKX, the Kombat Pack and an exclusive Scorpion skin to download, which was based off of a fan artist's design from so it's basically the Premium Edition with a $5 skin attached. Warner Bros. Interactive claims this Scorpion skin will have some sort of Cold War motif, which sounds weird, but that's not the weirdest thing we've ever heard about Mortal Kombat.

mortal kombat x
NetherRealm Studios

The premium version of Mortal Kombat X we have our sights on is the Kollector's Edition. This beast costs $149.99 and features MKX, the Kombat Pack and an amazing Scorpion statue designed by Coarse. You also get an in-game skin for Scorpion based off of this stylish statue. This version of Scorpion looks like he was pulled out of Gotham City, and that's not a bad thing -- he simply looks badass. Having a skin of this nice rendition of the spear-throwing ninja is a nice touch. You better visit or hit your local video game retailer to pre-order this deadly ninja, because the Kollector's Edition will likely be in limited supply.

When your rational side fights against your inner collector, it's going to be a flawless victory, and a Fatality for your wallet. Mortal Kombat X will launch on April 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Even this statue-esque version of Scorpion is down for some gnarly Fatalities.

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