Kenshi has been seen in Mortal Kombat X's mobile version and now fans are speculating that he might also show up in its console counterpart.

To Kenshi or not to Kenshi, that is the question that fans are asking of Mortal Kombat X's newest reveal for its mobile version. IGN reports that NetherRealm Studios has placed Kenshi, the psychic swordsman, in the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X, and now the masses speculate that he may be showing up in the console version because of it. Kenshi may not be as you remember him, because in the mobile version of the game he will not just be Kenshi, but "Possessed Kenshi."

Another hint that Kenshi may be coming to the game is that Kenshi's son, Takahashi Takeda was also recently revealed for the game. Kung Lao is in the game, as is his descendant, Kung Jin. This could make for a pretty intense reunion that may also allow fans to figure out just what their relationship is. With the amount of characters constantly growing, it doesn't seem like a stretch that it would bring in the whole family. Plus, it doesn't seem too far out that both would come back since there seem to be many characters coming back from the dead in the recent trailer that NetherRealm released. With seemingly only one spot left on the roster list, it will be interesting to see who else is brought in.

It seems we will have to wait until April 14 when Mortal Kombat X comes out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC to find out.