NetherRealm Studios gives us a special look at Erron Black, Liu Kang and Shinnok and how they'll play in Mortal Kombat X. 

This latest NetherRealm Studios' Kombat Kast episode (featured below) focuses on Erron Black, Liu Kang and Shinnok's distinct fighting styles. Erron Black obviously is going to be focused on revolver moves, keepaway and ranged damage, but he also has other tricks. Erron's Marksman style gives him a rifle which is good for zoning and keeping his distance. The Gunslinger fighting style equips Erron with a second revolver. allowing him to fire directly in multiple directions. Erron can also flip a coin into the air and ricochet a bullet off of it, resulting in the shot bouncing in all kinds of different directions on stage. The Outlaw variation lets Erron focus on melee damage where he uses a sword.

In terms of variations, Liu Kang's Dragon Fire style lets you charge his fireballs and adds a second hit to his flying kick. Kang's Dualist style has two different stances, where the dark stance gives him a special projectile and the light stance gives him a healing move. The Flame Fist variation focuses on melee damage, combos and increased fireball strength.

The NetherRealm gurus confirmed the return of Shinnok to the roster, as he plays a vital role in the game's plot. Shinnok has a Necromancer variation that lets him use skeleton attacks from both above and below the person he is fighting. The Imposter style has Shinnok temporarily stealing the soul of his opponent, letting him use some of their moves in a way that'd make the first Mortal Kombat boss proud. Shinnok's Bone Shaper variation lets him use a variety of melee bone weapons, increasing his combo skills.

Mortal Kombat X will debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 14. Unfortunately, MKX's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions have been delayed to the Summer. Check out NetherRealm Studios' latest Kombat Kast video and MKX's new commercial below:

In all honesty, the 'Fight' commercial for Mortal Kombat X would've been better with a single song change: