PDP is releasing its own Mortal Kombat X controller. Surprisingly, its shape is not as symmetrical as you would think.

GameSpot reports that briantong of CNET was able take a close look at PDP's upcoming Mortal Kombat FightPad. There are two versions of the controller: one for PlayStation consoles and an Xbox counterpart. There is a toggle switch to use the controller on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, and likewise for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One version.

What's interesting about this controller is its asymmetrical design -- its left side with the directional controls has a longer grip than the right side that has the face buttons. The face buttons actually click into place and individually toggle with each press. We have a feeling the shorter right side is for those people who don't want to use their right thumb for the face buttons and want to press them similarly to an arcade stick-style of gameplay. That seems unorthodox, but it's a much cheaper alternative than a fight stick, which can be pricey.

While there isn't a finalized release date or formal pricing revealed, we expect this controller will cost somewhere between $30-$50 and is likely to ship shortly after MKX's launch. Outworld invades Earthrealm one more time when Mortal Kombat X debuts on April 14, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

This is perfect for pulling off those gnarly Fatalities: