Morrigan keeps the streak alive as she defeats the half-vampire, Rayne. But will this succubus be strong enough to defeat Lilith, her own sister-self?

Vampy's Morrigan Aensland is the Darkstalker that can't be beat. She's very close to becoming the first inductee to the Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Fame. But this next opponent might prove to be troublesome since she'll technically be facing off against herself.

Yukilefay is the next challenger, dressed up as Lilith Aensland. Lilith is the manifestation of Morrigan's power and is sort of seen like a sister to Morrigan. The two succubi are, in fact, the same person. Who will win this battle of the two halves?

It’s up to you to decide who will win this Cosplay Clash between the sultry Morrigan and the equally-alluring Succubus.! Voting closes on April 30th 10AM PST.

Rules of Cosplay Clash:

Fans can vote once per hour for their favorite cosplayer. If a cosplayer remains the reigning champ for seven straight matches, they are retired to the Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Fame. With so many great cosplayers out there, we have to give other cosplayers a chance

Melissa Andrade