Here's a bit of brilliant Pokemon news to brighten up your day. Nintendo has released some more information on the two new Pokemon games. We're getting Super Evolutions and Super Training.

A new press release from Nintendo highlights a host of intriguing new features in Pokemon X &Y. Here are two of the most intriguing.

You can now Mega Evolve your Pokemon during battle. You have to utilize special items called Mega Stones in order to Mega Evolve your pets in battle, where they'll don a new appearance and have special abilities. But, the effects only last as long as your Pokemon is in battle and they revert to their usual form after you've undoubtedly pounded your opponent into dust.

Super Training is another activity that you can use to raise the stats of your hoarde of Pokemon. From the sounds of the press release, it looks that Super Training will be an array of mini games to give your Pokemon a workout. It makes sense, my Charizard is getting a bit fat.

Check out the video below for some tasty treats of what is to come in the newest Pokemon games. Is that a new gym trainer we see?