Monster Truck Destruction (M.T.D.) does exactly what the title promises. If you've ever wanted to drive a monster truck through a row of vehicles or perform various wheelies and jumps while driving a big wheeled behemoth, now's your chance. Although I'm not a monster truck rally kind of guy, I understand M.T.D.'s initial appeal, as smashing and destroying are two of my guilty pleasures as a gamer. On that simple and visceral level, M.T.D. delivers the goods.

Having a ton of options even before one starts a game is always a sight for sore eyes, and having thirty vehicles to choose from is a huge plus. Players can either enter championship or single event mode. Since the game features either racing or demolishing stages, the single event option enables you to enter a drag race or just go freestyle. Since destroying cars and performing various stunts are the highlights of my M.T.D. experience, I spend most of my time going freestyle. If you favor both and just want to streamline your experience, championship mode is the way to go.

The strongest part of the game is just having free reign to jump over ramps and onto other vehicles or even learning a trick or two while you're crashing into the wall. Just through trial and error, you'll learn how to perform a back flip, slap wheelie, and cyclone, with each move increasing your overall score. Since I'm far from a flashy guy, my favorite move is to drive over several cars and turn them into scrap heap. It's a simple strategy, but if you crush them the right way, you're bound to win a few competitions. Plus, under championship mode, you don't have to actually win your races to make money. The destruction stages, which always come after a race, are easy to win, and that's where I've earned most of my cash.

So why bother winning all this money? Chillingo's first rate upgrade features are in full effect with M.T.D. as gamers will spend their winnings on upgrading their engine, intake, shocks, transmission, and exhaust. Each upgrade increases the truck's power level (seen on the upper right hand side), thus guaranteeing a better shot at winning. The best purchase, however, wasn't an upgrade. After a couple of hours of the same vehicle, I cleaned out my piggy bank for a Western Renegade, a slimmer and more agile vehicle than my lumbering, but powerful, blue Firestone 2010.

Unfortunately, by the time I purchased the Renegade, there wasn't much incentive for me to continue the destruction. After completing various levels, the lack of variety in the game took its toll. The racing tracks, which take seconds to complete once you master your driving controls, aren't exactly identical, but unfortunately they are far from being distinct or original. Everything tends to get a bit monotonous with this game, even if you're drifting and spinning around with just one wheel.

Monster Truck Destruction succeeds at covering the basics. I wanted a little bit more gaming meat on the bone, but if smashing into things is all you're looking for, then M.T.D. won't disappoint.


App Store Link: Monster Truck Destruction for iPhone & iPad | By Chillingo Ltd | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 120 MB | Rating 4+
6.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating