Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launches today, accompanied by two hilarious new live-action trailers. Although, to be fair, only one of them was meant to be funny.

The first trailer features a spoof of the Home Shopping Network called the Monster Hunter Shopping Network and a show called Slaying with Susan. This is a trailer that is funny on purpose and kind of makes us wish that the Great Sword and BBQ Spit that Susan tried to sell were real. It's a humorous look at how television shopping might look if we lived in the world of Monster Hunter, which would be a hilariously-anachronistic world, if this show existed in it.

The second trailer is only funny because of how enthusiastic the actors are when it comes to playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the go and at a friend's house. Also, it seems like their lives revolve around the game and being unabashedly excited for it. They even meet in the park and give each other congratulatory fist-bumps and chatter happily about their shared experience as if they were in a '90s toy commercial. It's all in good fun and stresses the multiplayer aspects of the game.

Watch both videos below and let us know which one you think is funnier! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is available now for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.