Just in case you were wondering about what kind of horrors you'll be facing in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, here's a handy little list of the game's monsters. Keep it close to you, because it's pretty much a food chain that features you at the very bottom.

Thanks to a blog post on the Capcom-Unity site, we've got an idea of how much hunting we're going to be doing for the next few months or so. The post ensures players that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate isn't just a port of Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii and that it's actually a port of Monster Hunter 3G (or Tri G).

This means that there are 73 different monsters (both small and large varieties), on the list, which is comprised of beasts from Monster Hunter Tri and the Japan-only Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Fans will also be able to fight the Plesioth, Green Plesioth, a few new subspecies, some new rare species, and the brand new Brachydios.

Here is the full list, according to the blog post:

From Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

  • Anteka (small)
  • Bullfango (small)
  • Azure Rathalos (subspecies)
  • Silver Rathalos
  • Pink Rathian (subspecies)
  • Gold Rathian
  • Plesioth
  • Green Plesioth (subspecies)
  • Black Diablos
  • Nargacuga

From Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

  • Gargwa (small)
  • Slagtoth (small)
  • Wroggi (small)
  • Arzuros
  • Great Wroggi
  • Lagombi
  • Volvidon
  • Nibelsnarf
  • Duramboros
  • Zinogre
  • Crimson Qurupeco (subspecies)
  • Purple Ludroth (subspecies)
  • Jade Barroth (subspecies)
  • Baleful Gigginox (subspecies)
  • Sand Barioth (subspecies)
  • Steel Uragaan (subspecies)
  • Glacial Agnaktor (subspecies)
  • Green Nargacuga (subspecies)

New to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

  • Brachydios
  • Rust Duramboros (subspecies)
  • Stygian Zinogre (subspecies)
  • Lucent Nargacuga (subspecies)
  • Ivory Lagiacrus (subspecies)
  • Abyssal Lagiacrus (subspecies)
  • Savage Deviljho (subspecies)
  • Hallowed Jhen Mohran (subspecies)
  • Goldbeard Ceadeus (subspecies)

... and a brand new final boss!

You're going to have you hands full, hunters! But thankfully, the game features online multiplayer for both the 3DS and Wii U versions, as well as a new AI shakalaka companion, which means that you never have to hunt alone.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will pack 339 quests (not counting free downloadable content quests), 2049 new pieces of gear, and 3 new areas! There's going to be a lot to do when the game is released on March 19th, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!

Will you be gearing up to hunt down some monsters? Let us know!