Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate players with friends across the pond can now hook up with their pals to take on the behemoths in the game, thanks to the new update from Capcom.

Cross-region play means that European players can now join forces with North American hunters to kill gigantic beasts. Of course, you'll have to take the time differences into account, but most gamers don't sleep anyway.

The update also allows hunters who don't want to be confined to the immediate area around their televisions a chance to get up and walk around, thanks to the addition of off-screen play. This means that they can transfer the action on the big screen to the more portable-friendly screen of the GamePad, just in case they want to grab a snack while they hunt or maybe tour their own homes and play with new perspective.

Will you be gaming around the house and with other players from across the Atlantic? Let us know in the comments!