Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has a brand new trailer that highlights the features in both the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions. It also gives you a peek at some of the inordinately large monsters that plan on turning you and your friends into a nice, mid-afternoon snack. Why? Because monsters don't care about their caloric intake.

The game promises to give us epic battles against monsters that happen to be the stars of stories that the creatures in our nightmares told to their kids to scare them straight. And by the looks of the trailer below, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will deliver.

The title also boasts "stunning HD graphics" on the Wii U, and they definitely look pretty, though they're not anything mindblowing. We're also told that we can take the adventure anywhere with us and play with anyone thanks to the portability of the 3DS and the cross-platform feature.

The game will drop for both systems on March 19th, 2013, so sharpen up those weapons and practice your BBQ-cooking skills! Let us know if you'll be joining the hunt in the comments section!