It hasn't been that long since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was released for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U, but some new hunters might not have totally acclimated to their new lives as behemoth-fighting champs. Thankfuklly, Capcom has been nice enough to provide a handy beginner's guide!

Part one of the Beginner's Guide to Hunting starts with an expert hunter out in the field, stunning a huge monster with a trap, setting up large barrel bombs around its face, and then a smaller timed barrel bomb to detonate the bigger ones, thus defeating the draconian terror behind him.

These kinds of masterful moves give newbies something to aspire to, but first they have to start with learning the fundamentals of monster hunting. Part one introduces us to the game's quest system in both the single player and and multiplayer modes, how to interact with townspeople in the hub, gather items and which ones you should use in specific situations, and how to.. carry a pig. Hm.

Check out the guide below and, if you're a new player, let us know if it helps you out! If you're a veteran monster hunter, what tips would you add to this video?