You can try before you die, folks! We already know that the monsters in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will truck you into oblivion, but now you can download the demo to see how you'll fare when the full game is released.

Your memory blocks are still probably reeling from the past couple of weeks, especially if you downloaded Fire Emblem Awakening on your 3DS, but get ready for some more digital goodness in this week's Nintendo Download. Here are the highlights:

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Demo Version - Get a chance to try out the game that features one of the most eco-friendly crafting systems in gaming. You hunt down monsters, harvest their parts to make weapons and armor, and then use that equipment to kill other monsters! It's a great look at how the circle of life works. Download it now for your Wii U or 3DS.
  • F-Zero - The futuristic racer starring the infamous Captain Falcon is now available on the Wii U Virtual Console for only 30 cents! Pick up the game and race around in hover cars while collecting power-ups that boost your performance. Just don't be disappointed when you can't Falcon Punch people back to last place.
Other downloads include:
  • Trine 2: Director's Cut - Demo Version (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Demo Version (Nintendo eShop on 3DS)
  • Yoshi (Nintendo eShop on 3DS)
  • Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
  • Picdun 2: Witch's Curse (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
  • Viking Invasion 2 - Tower Defense (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

Let us know what's going to populate your city of memory blocks in the comments below! If you've had a chance to try out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, tell us how long you managed to survive!