The creator of Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda is going to debut an animated film by Nintendo starring Captain Olimar and his band of Pikmin.

According to Variety, Shigeru Miyamoto is going to be unveiling the premiere of 'Pikmin Short Movies,' Nintendo's animated film starring the miniature Captain Olimar and his Pikmin partners. The movie was made as part of a research project for Nintendo to gauge interest in whether or not they should persue animated works in the future. Mind you, Nintendo would literally print money if they were able to do a modern Super Mario or Legend of Zelda animation. We're not sure why Nintendo started off with Pikmin for this project, but we can't complain. Miyamoto will host the film's debut presentation alongside Nobuo Kawakami, a producer-trainer at Studio Ghibli and chairman at Dwango.

The Pikmin animation will be comprised of three short films. 'Treasures in a Bottle' has the Pikmin trying to get a strange treasure with Captain Olimar. 'Occupational Hazards' takes place at a construction site, and 'The Night Juicer' features Olimar making juice. Hopefully, Nintendo continues making animated films like this and will move on to their more popular franchises. We'd love to see a Star Fox and Zelda animation do well.

'Pikmin Short Movies' will debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival, which takes place Oct. 25-31.

If it's Pikmin, it's going to get weird.