Parkour reaches its pinnacle as a player just shattered Mirror's Edge's world record with a near-perfect run.

Polygon reports that Twitch user Requiem720 has outran the previous world record of Mirror's Edge by almost a full minute. The video above depicts Requiem's amazing speed run, which left us simply amazed at the creativity he has utilized in many of his shortcuts throughout Mirror's Edge main campaign. Requiem beat the game in just 36 minutes and 41 seconds (his actual playtime was 34:11 when you subtract the game's loading screens). Watching his playthrough can be disorienting due to the fast-paced nature of all of Faith's agile tumbling.

Make sure you check Requiem's record-breaking speed run in the Twitch video above, but don't blame us if you puke on your keyboard or phone while watching Requiem's breakneck jumps and flips.