Some new rumors about Mirror's Edge 2 have just surfaced. Should we take it on Faith that they're true?

According to Rocketchainsaw, "verified sources" have confirmed details about the upcoming free-running game from DICE. Of course, you should immediately take these with a grain of salt, since an unnamed source, verified or not, is worth squat until the rumors have been proven to be true. Rocketchainsaw even claims to have seen video content that confirms the rumored details, but were not able to share "due to privacy reasons."

Here are the rumored details:

  • Targeted platforms are PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox and Mac.
  • The game will feature an persistent, open world.
  • The game is a reboot of the Mirror's Edge franchise
  • Faith will not carry a gun.
  • Combat will be deeper and will emphasize speed and fluidity.
  • DICE considers Mirror's Edge 2 a racing game at heart.
  • Targeted release window is 2016.
If these details are true, then we're going to have to wait a long while to run around the city as Faith again. We'll keep you updated on these details and whether or not they prove to be true.