In the midst of a change of leadership in Microsoft's Xbox division, an unspecified number of developers have been let go.

Microsoft has confirmed that it has issued a round of layoffs throughout its Xbox division, according to CVG. This comes comes just a few days after Phil Spencer, the vice president of Microsoft Studios, has been promoted to the head of Xbox. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any confirmation as to which specific Microsoft studios have been affected by these layoffs.

Two confirmed Microsoft Studios employees who have been let go include artist Patrick Loughman and technical producer Elbert Perez. CVG indicates that Perez was working out of Microsoft Studios' main building in Redmond, WA. Subsidiary development companies that fall under Spencer's jurisdiction that could have been affected include 343 Industries (Halo), Turn 10 (Forza Motorsport 5), Lionhead (Fable), Rare and Black Tusk (the next Gears of War). While we're sad to see anyone in the gaming industry lose their job, it is rather surprising to see this happen at Microsoft as opposed to all the recent layoffs that have been widespread throughout Sony's various development studios.