Though it won't be part of the console's feature set on launch day, the Xbox One might allow users to trade games digitally sometime down the road.

In an interview with Gamespot, Xbox director Albert Penello discussed the future of digital and the Xbox One. "It’s already basically happened with music and it’s on its way to happening with movies," Penello said. "So it doesn't take a big leap to say it’s going to get there. For us, we probably said it was going to happen sooner than people were ready for it to happen. And I’m glad we've gone back to the disc model. People have to accept it. The Internet bandwidth caps have to support it globally. Internet infrastructure has to support it globally. So it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of time."

Part of what made the Xbox One's digital plans so interesting was the concept of digital trading or loaning, but those ideas were scrapped not too long after they were announced. However, Penello believes there's still a chance Microsoft can be pioneers in the digital landscape. "[If] you go back and you look at some of the things we said, that was one of the places that we were actually trying to pioneer. We were trying to implement the ability to trade [and] loan digital games with your friends which is something that no one else was doing," Penello said.

"And so, yeah, I think we need to do that. That has to be part of the experience. Right now, we’re focused on launch and we switched the program back to discs, because that’s what customers wanted," he added.

While it'll likely be sometime until the people are ready for such a bold idea, Microsoft is clearly still keen on the concept of a second-hand digital marketplace. How it will all work remains to be seen, but it sounds like the company is still interested in the same ideas it backtracked on just a few months ago.