Microsoft's Major Nelson and Zulfi Alam talk you through the 40 different improvements featured in the Xbox One controller.

The first change noticeable is the new integrated battery compartment. While the Xbox One controller still requires the use of batteries (rechargeable or otherwise), they won't be stored in a protruding case any longer.

The ergonomics have also been tweaked slightly, too, which should make the controller more comfortable for those marathon gaming sessions. The d-pad is getting revamped as well, and will now be a true plus sign shape, and it will have a lower profile. The triggers also get some haptic feedback (they'll rumble now), and players will be able to tell the difference between firing different weapons or driving a car well or out of control.

Check out the full video for a complete rundown of all the changes, and let us know what you think of the new Xbox One controller.