Microsoft tossing in a $10 Xbox gift card code for pre-ordering physical copies of Titanfall is making fans of the digital marketplace worry.

According to comments Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb made on Reddit, Microsoft is working on competitive pricing for those wishing to buy their games digitally. Fans backlashed in the Reddit thread against Major Nelson's claims, saying that the $10 Xbox gift card code should be applicable for those seeking digital copies of Titanfall as well, and noting they had been ignored by Microsoft many times. Nelson stated rebates and discounts are usually at the discretion of the retailer (which danced around the topic since this gift card rebate is on the official Microsoft store).

Fans also wanted to know whether or not they could download Titanfall early and pre-install it so they could play it at midnight on its release date. Major Nelson could not give out any details, but he stated Microsoft will be working hard at trying to provide equal incentives to both physical and digital copy-buying fans alike.

Fans wishing to partake in Microsoft's $10 gift card rebate can order Titanfall online here for Xbox 360 and here for Xbox one. Titanfall is due out on Mar. 11 for both Microsoft consoles and the PC.

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