An unfortunate drunk driving accident claimed the life of Microsoft HoloLens engineer Mike Ey.

KiroTV reports that Mike Ey, a Microsoft engineer who was working on its HoloLens smart glasses program and described by loved ones as a "bright light," was killed in a traffic collision involving a drunk driver earlier this week. The suspect in question for Ey's death is Robert Malsch, a reportedly intoxicated driver who decided to drive down Washington State Route 520 at over 100 miles per hour. Malsch eventually rear-ended Ey's vehicle while driving at this intense speed, ending Ey's life upon collision.

A witness described the situation saying, "I saw his car just blast past me. He missed me by about four inches. Several seconds later, I just see him in a smoldering wreck in the road."

"He was the most reliable person ever," Ey's girlfriend, Kelley Piering, stated. "You could ask him anything and he would make sure it got done, whether he knew how to do it or not."

This description of Ey was backed up by one of Ey's friends, who was the last person to see him before he died, "He really was a tremendous friend. The word reliable doesn't even begin to describe it. I can't tell you how many times he would just come over to help with whatever you were doing."

For those who do not know, Microsoft's HoloLens project is the company's take on mixing both virtual reality and Google Glass-like technology. Microsoft Studios is reportedly developing custom Xbox content for the HoloLens product. Unfortunately, Ey will never get to see the HoloLens be finished because of one man's bad decisions. At least his memory will live on with his friends and loved ones.