Microsoft has decided to hit the brakes on its original intended plan to bring the Xbox One to China after a very lackluster launch in Japan.

Polygon reports that Microsoft has announced the delaying of the Xbox One's launch in China. The console was originally set to launch on Sept. 23, but now has been pushed back towards the end of the year. The Big M cites that they have decided to give the console "a bit more time to deliver the best experiences possible for our fans."

"At Xbox, we pride ourselves on delivering first-rate gaming and entertainment experiences, and to allow us to deliver on that promise, we need to reschedule the launch of Xbox One," a Microsoft representative said. "Working with our partner, BesTV, we look forward to launching in China by the end of this year."

The general manager of Xbox for China claims that the first to receive an Xbox One will get an added bonus. Hopefully, it's a bigger incentive than a controller that says "Day One 2014" branded on it. Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower is going to have a massive Xbox launch event that is still expected to happen on the night of Sept. 22, despite the delay. Microsoft was going to giveaway 100 Xbox One consoles at the Tower, and still might.

Earlier this spring, China changed its laws within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, which allowed for foreign firms to legally sell game consoles within it for the first time in almost 15 years. Since then, Xbox has partnered with BesTV, a Chinese entertainment company, to help launch their current-gen system.

Mind you, the abysmal Xbox One sales numbers Microsoft had throughout the console's first full week on the Japanese market is likely to be a reason why it has decided to reevaluate its marketing strategies in China.