With the Xbox 360 in its ninth year of existence, many gamers face the challenges presented by a full hard drive. Often, great, older games must be deleted from the drive to make room for newer titles, many of which must be installed for optimal performance. It’s a real Sophie’s Choice, except instead of children, it’s software. Alright, so maybe it’s not quite that big a deal, but still, the loss of older, treasured games due to limited storage space stings a bit, but Microsoft is looking to mitigate the problem with a new 500GB hard drive.

The Xbox 360 500GB Media Hard Drive will allow Xbox 360 S owners to up their storage space significantly, opening up space for games, apps, music and videos. Owners of the original Xbox 360 will not be able to use the 500GB hard drive. Microsoft lists the MSRP at $109.99, and states that pre-orders will be available soon.

Microsoft has made removable hard drives for the Xbox 360 S before, and third party companies like AGPtek have been producing Xbox 360-compatible drives for years, but this is the first 500GB drive ever produced for the Xbox 360 S. The 360 S comes standard with either a 4GB or 250GB drive, so this upgrade should definitely help players hold on to their beloved games they haven’t played in a while.