This post-apocalyptic Russian shooter is returning to the subway lines of Moscow with a fresh coat of paint.

Thanks to All Games Beta, we have found some leaked pictures of an Italian ad describing Metro Redux. Redux appears to be a next-gen remake of last year's hit title, Metro: Last Light.  The pictures vaguely describe Redux and depict some day-one downloadable content, which could be retailer-specific since there were multiple pieces of similar-looking day-one DLC.

Deep Silver has come forward on Metro's official website in order to confirm the development that has been going into Metro Redux. It has confirmed that Metro series developer, 4A Games, has been quite public about wanting to bring Metro to next-gen consoles. Deep Silver explains that the leaked pictures were actually from an internal planning presentation that was done long ago but do not accurately depict the extensiveness of 4A's remake of Last Light.

Deep Silver has stated that it is not yet ready to officially reveal Metro Redux, but is planning an official announcement prior to June's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Deep Silver