The folks at Tribute Games have just announced the release date of their upcoming PlayStation 4 title, Mercenary Kings.

Yannick Belzil, writer at Tribute Games, has posted on the PlayStation Blog, letting everyone know that Mercenary Kings will touch down on the PlayStation 4 on April 1.

In Mercenary Kings, you take control of either Empress and King as they attempt to rescue Dr. James Neil from the clutches of an evil syndicate called C.L.A.W. (Cyber Loyalist Active Weapons). It turns out that C.L.A.W. wants to use something called the Mandrake Formula in order to conquer the globe. That doesn't seem like it'd be much fun, so it's your job to run through the side-scrolling adventure with a rag-tag crew of mercs.

You'll be able to use materials you've gathered on your missions at Camp Crown to forge new weapons. There are 300+ gun parts and more than 100 knives in Mercenary Kings, so prepare to be armed to the teeth.

Find Mercenary Kings when it drops on the PlayStation 4 next month.