Mega Man fans with a boring daily commute need not be bored in their cars any longer! The Mega Man 2 Original Soundtrack has been released by Capcom for your listening pleasure.

We all know that the soundtracks to the games were masterpieces of 8-bit audio. They got your blood pumping while you jumped and blasted your way through ingenious levels. Capcom has been slowly rolling out plans to officially release all of the original Mega Man soundtracks and we couldn't be more excited. The brilliant Mega Man 2 soundtrack by Takashi Tateishi features 42 tracks that will be more than enough to keep your morning drive occupied. Just, don't jump around your car pretending to have a buster. You might hit the accelerator and smash into the one in front of you.

You can snag the newest offering at the Capcom store for $8.95.