He's got one wicked mustache, and an even more wicked theme song. You know you're in for some serious action when this music hits.

"Like many other gamers, this one is my absolute favorite Mega Man track," Calderone said. "I'm really surprised I haven't done this yet on my own channel, haha. This is one of those tunes, too, that is very Iron Maiden-ish, so I had a blast remixing it. Only downfall is it's one of my shortest vids because I felt you could only variate the theme so many times, so many different ways before it started to lose its magic. Hard-ass game, too. Haha."

Dig on ERock's theme remix of one of the most dastardly dudes the Blue Bomber has ever faced.

Written and Performed by Eric "ERock" Calderone
Original Composition by Takashi Tateishi

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Check out the original composition below.