On the PlayStation Blog, developer Spark Plug Games announced MechRunner, a downloadable arcade-action title for PS4 and Vita.

Taking place in an alternate 1940s America, MechRunner tells the tale of a scientist and his daughter who create the XP-41, a forty-foot transformable mech, to combat the hordes of advanced Russian robots that have invaded our country. The XP-41 can change from mech to tank on the fly, offering multiple ways to annihilate your enemies.

Described as an “arcade runner”, MechRunner keeps players moving forwards at all times, but adds massive combat sequences and boss battles to up the action quotient. Sporting both guns and sword, the XP-41 and its pilot, Allison will be able to upgrade equipment, customize her mech, and unlock new skins, upgrades and achievements on procedurally-generated levels that keep the action fresh for every play-through. Spark Plug also promises an “Awesome Hollywood Soundtrack,” whatever that means.

MechRunner seems like a unique concept, but one that needs further explanation in order to grab gamers’ attentions during E3. Spark Plug’s track record as a mobile game dev also leaves us skeptical about the game’s level of quality. We’re expecting more details on the game in the coming days and weeks. MechRunner is scheduled for release in Summer 2014.