This newest trailer includes a firsthand look at some of the new items, racecourses and drivers you'll encounter in Mario Kart 8.

If you look closely during the trailer, you can see the official return of the Baby Peach character from Mario Kart Wii. Another surprising return to the Mario Kart series is Lakitu, who was last seen on Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo DS. Fans may recognize Lakitu as the cloud-riding baddie from the Mario franchise who used to hold the traffic light to start each race in previous incarnations of Mario Kart. Lakitu looks a bit happier now that he's getting more of a spotlight, but in all honesty, we're quite excited at the confirmation that Shy Guy is returning for another race.

Two new items were unveiled in this trailer: the Boomerang Flower and Piranha Plant. The Boomerang Flower will allow you to throw a boomerang at a specific opponent and will arc to hit any additional riders between you and your target (you can throw it either in front of you or behind). The Piranha Plant item is made of the famous pipe-dwelling enemy from the Super Mario Bros. series and will attach to the front of your vehicle whenever you get one. This carnivorous plant will bite any nearby drivers, allowing you to easily clear a path if there is anyone directly in front of you. Also, the Spin Boost will help temporarily speed up your character as you bump into racers and obstacles.

Whether you're racing underwater, on motorbikes, in hang gliders, along the walls or racing the old fashioned way, Mario Kart is shaping up to be quite the definitive, over-the-top racing experience we have come to expect from this beloved series. With a mix of 16 new courses and 16 remade classic stages (some updated with anti-gravity and underwater sequences), Mario Kart 8 will be pulling onto the starting line on May 30 exclusively for the Wii U.