It looks as if Bowser's children have traded in their airships for go-karts in Mario Kart 8.

That's right, Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy and Ludwig Von Koopa are all back for Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart 8 involves amazing, gravity-defying gameplay as the karts, quads, and motorbikes are able to flip their wheels on their sides in adhere to the raceway whenever it goes upside down. In 'Back to the Future' fashion, these vehicles can hover over the ground and stick on the track as the path twists and turns into numerous death-defying angles.

Mario Kart 8 also features a great hang gliding mechanic, where certain areas and jumps will allow you to pop out a hang glider to continue traversing over the area. You're going to have to save your hang glider for pivotal moments, you don't want to be caught on the ground while your rivals soar above you at faster speeds overhead.

Mario Kart 8 will rev its way up to the Wii U starting line with the confirmed release date of May 30.